Approval Process

Approval Process

Approval process of research projects

The RMC functions as MAHSA’s research secretariat. Research proposals need to be first submitted to the RMC using an in-house application form. Upon receipt, each application is assigned a serial number. The RMC then convenes a meeting of the Institutional Review Board to decide on the acceptance of the proposal and funding. The principal investigator (PI) is required to present at the meeting of Institutional Review Board. Should ethical review be required, it is undertaken separately by the Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Medicine. The PI is expected to make any amendments to the proposals as recommended by the Institutional Review Board and the Ethics Committee before final approval is given. The RMC monitors the scientific progress and expenditure during the course of approved projects. It also acts as the repository of information on project proposals and the University’s research publications. The RMC ensures the confidentiality of all documents that are submitted to it.

Funding for research is available from two sources. MAHSA itself provides an annual allocation for projects, which in 2010 amounted to RM200,000. Grants are also available from the Ministry of Higher Education is another source. Approved funds are disbursed by the Bursar.

Project proposal submission to IRB

Review by IRB; Ethical review (where relevant)*
Approval of research project and grant
Project monitoring
Project conclusion
Report to RMC, publications, presentations

* The ethical review of projects is undertaken by a committee in the Faculty of Medicine