Message by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)

Message by Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation)

We are indeed happy to introduce the research program of the MAHSA University.

As a university it is a regulatory requirement that the institution has a research program. Not only because of this but because of a committed belief in the value of research as an integral component of an academic program, the leadership of the university decided early on to support the emergence of a viable and sustainable research program, albeit in an incremental manner, commensurate with the capacity of the university to absorb this additional agenda.

Accordingly the office of the deputy vice chancellor for research has been filled, supported by a secretariat for the program, an institutional review board (IRB) termed the research Review Committee established, and an annual research grant, initially set at 200000 MYR made available.

Pari passu with efforts to encourage academic staff to embark on research projects, efforts will be addressed at research capacity building and institutional strengthening to create the enabling environment to support research. The first research methodology workshop was held in early 2011 and others will follow suit.

MAHSA’s research program has been registered with the Ministry of Higher Education and has successfully participated in its first ranking survey under the “MYRA” initiative and has been awarded with a one star. Though this appears modest ,it is amongst the minority of institutions within the private sector who have achieved any ranking at all at this stage. It is a reasonable beginning and the program will continue to strive to continually improve the standard, quality and ranking of its research activities.

Assoc. Prof. Datuk Dr. Rozaidah Binti Talib
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Innovation)