Additional Parking…FREE Shuttle Service

Additional Parking…FREE Shuttle Service

Here are more details on the Shuttle Service offered to and fro Jaya One (at the square area next to Old Town White Coffee) & MAHSA JUC (Next to Chancellery/glass lift).

Firstly, it’s free!

Secondly, the shuttle schedule is as below:

7.15am- 9am: Shuttle service every 15 minutes from Jaya One to JUC.

12.30pm: Shuttle service from JUC to Jaya One

1.30pm: Shuttle service from Jaya One to JUC

4.15pm – 6pm: Shuttle service every 15 minutes from JUC to Jaya One.

For more information, please contact
Mr. Peri: 013 364 8755
Mr. Muthu: 0111 2373661
Mr. Krishna: 012 230 0091