American Degree Transfer Programme



At MAHSA University we understand how important getting a great education is to your future career success. A career is a unique match for your skill, talent and desire; nobody is exactly like you. Finding the right university is the first step toward fulfilling your destiny and realizing your maximum potential. MAHSA’s American Degree Transfer Program (ADP) gives you the flexibility to discover what you are best at and enjoy doing the most. ADP also gives you time to build on the strengths you already have and acquire new skills before continuing your academic journey abroad.

When you become part of ADP at MAHSA, you begin working on a prestigious degree from an American university from your first day. Your environment will be different from any that you experienced in secondary school. You will be free to explore new ideas and be part of your own learning. ADP classes have a low ratio of students to staff, so you will be familiar with your professors and classmates. Through interaction you will gain knowledge, not just memorize facts. You will learn to analyse and solve problems collectively, the way it’s done in the real world.

From MAHSA to America

Students usually study two years at MAHSA’s ADP before transferring to the United States. During this time you will do a wide variety of subjects that fulfil the general education requirements of an American degree. These are exactly the same things that students who study all four years in the USA will be taking. All our curriculums were designed in consultation with American education professionals. The difference is that the tuition fees at MAHSA can save you up to 70% compared to those in the USA.

Your two years at MAHSA will give you the best of both worlds: you can study as if you were in the United States without the cultural immersion of living there. By the time you are ready to transfer, you’ll be more confident about going abroad and more certain of what you are going to do when you arrive. This is what attracts students to MAHSA’s ADP, a Malaysian lifestyle while getting an American education.

Deciding which American university to attend can be overwhelming. There are so many excellent choices! That’s why during your two years at MAHSA, university representatives from the United States (and Canada) will come to Malaysia to talk with you, explain what they have to offer and answer any questions that you have. MAHSA’s ADP has staff who completed their degrees in the US and we understand how you feel. We will help you consider your best options, then guide you through your application.

Your American Degree

Why is getting an American degree so important? Because your career is very likely to be a global one and no other degrees are more desirable than those from America. That’s reason the USA is the leading destination for international students. According to Open Doors Report 2013 there has been a 40% increase over the last 10 years in international students who choose to study in the USA. The world is getting more interconnected with growing demand for educated, imaginative problem-solvers. Opportunities will come to those who are prepared.

If you look at anyone’s list of the world’s top 100 universities, you’ll find North American universities make up the majority. One explanation is that they attract the brightest professors, who are at the forefront of research and technology. These are the people who are making the latest breakthroughs in every field of science and coming up with the new inventions that consumers globally want to buy. Who better to learn from than them?

Another pull factor for American education is the state-of-the-art facilities that can be found on campuses throughout the country. You’ll discover learning spaces and laboratories for every discipline, much of it outside traditional classrooms. Often times, industries collaborate with faculties to shape the curriculum and produce very employable graduates. You practice with the best so that you can become the best. You’ll have access world-class libraries, performing arts centers, sports facilities and comfortable student housing at all major universities.

Driving on the Right Side of the Road

Education will open many doors for you. In today’s competitive economy you’ll need an edge, something that sets you apart from the others. Your American degree will tell employers that you studied in one of the finest education systems in the world; it says that you’re not afraid of hard work and challenges. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, university graduates are twice as likely to find a job as others and their salaries will be 40% higher on average. Earning your degree will help get you into a career that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime rather than working a dead-end job.

Being an international student will enrich your education and your life. By studying abroad, you’ll come to understand the historical experiences and cultural differences that divide people. You’ll learn how to work in multi-national groups and overcome those differences. While studying in the USA, you’ll make connections with researchers, lecturers and fellow students that will help you throughout your career. These people will be among the leaders in your chosen field.

Best of all is the work experience that you’ll gain. Most American degrees come with internships and opportunities to work both on and off campus. Many international companies are hiring fresh graduates and they start interviewing even before you finish your degree. You can choose to stay in the USA or Canada for one year or more to work in your field and get the practical knowledge that will set you apart from other applicants when you return home. So come to MAHSA and let’s get started today!

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