Message from the Dean

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Engineering at MAHSA University. As the Dean of the faculty I am very proud to be associated with MAHSA University which is known for its track record in providing only high quality professional programmes.

MAHSA University is a natural choice if you are seeking a solid base in engineering knowledge and innovative skills for a wide range of industries which include aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, oil and gas, medical, communication and manufacturing industries. Do you like the idea of a job that pays well, prestigious, professional, flexible, and creative and help to change the life style of people? If you do you’ve made the right decision in coming to study with us.

Apart from normal learning at the university, students are encouraged to take part in both local and international engineering and technology competitions. To support this activity Special Interest Groups are set up at the university where students and lecturers could come together to take part in research and commercialization projects funded by the university. Students are also able to jointly publish papers with lecturers at conferences within the country and abroad. To achieve these objectives, MAHSA also employs Professional Engineers who have wide industry experience to be part of the academic team. Also industry experts are appointed to provide consultancy and advisory services.

The Faculty also has made provisions in the teaching and learning system where students are able to meet up with lecturers after normal scheduled teaching hours. For this purpose, lecturers will publish online consultation time when they are available and students can then book online for the consultation.

At MAHSA through the processes and policies laid out we make learning enjoyable and transform school kids coming in with their certificates into professionals with an engineering degree.

I welcome you to the Faculty of Engineering and together we will realise the vision of being a preferred private university in this region.

Thank You

Assoc. Prof. Elajsolan Mohan
Faculty of Engineering