The MAHSA University College English Department was officially launched on 5th March 2007, with the following objectives:

  • To provide English language skills to the students enrolled in the various programmes, so as to fulfill MQA requirements.
  • To enhance SPM qualified students to move up to MUET level.
  • To prepare students to be readily employed with marketable skills in the English language not only in Malaysia but all over the world.

The English programmes at MAHSA aim to improve students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing with the aim to ensure that they are effective and efficient health care industry professionals. This is achieved via a highly interactive mode of studies, and students are encouraged to take part in all aspects of the programme. There are role plays, simulations, group activities, guided discussions, individual and group presentations using audio and video facilities.

MAHSA graduates are trained to promote the health of society, advance the discipline and function as responsible citizens of the nation and the world. Upon graduation, these professionals communicate with individuals, families, communities and other aggregates to meet primary, secondary and tertiary health care needs of the society. In view of this, MAHSA has realized the importance of communication skills and formed the English Department in 2007 so that the department could pay special attention to enhance the English proficiency of the students.

The English Department seeks to provide for the diverse needs of its students by offering them the opportunity to read widely, to understand and enjoy what they read, and to express themselves both orally and in writing with ease, force and clarity. Through the practice of writing and the study of language and literature, the department strives to stimulate humanistic learning and the capacity to respond rationally and imaginatively to literature and the life it reflects

MAHSA University strives to be a centre of excellence within Malaysia and overseas. In order to meet the national aspirations, MAHSA is committed to continuous quality improvement of its curricula, programmes and people. MAHSA students, with competency in English language, together with strong theory and practical knowledge in their respective fields, would definitely be more marketable in the job market

Selvarani V Pillai
Head of English Department