English Department
1. Is the English Language course compulsory for all students?

Yes, this is a stipulation by the MQA.

2. If I have a good band in the MUET examination, can I be exempted?

Yes, you can with the approval of the Registrar.

3. What is the duration of the English course?

Fourteen weeks (2 hrs x 14 weeks = 28 credit hours).

4. What level of the language will be taught?

For the Nursing programme the Foundation English Course is taught and this includes medical terminology. The Intermediate Level Course, which conforms to the MUET syllabus, is taught for all other Allied Science Programmes.

5. Do the results obtained for the English programme have a bearing on my overall results?

For the Nursing course – No, but for all the other courses – Yes.

6. What if I fail the English examination?

Students will have to sit for a referral paper, two weeks after the results are announced. Subsequent failures will have to attend a 3 month Remedial Course.