Pre-University Studies

Welcome to MAHSA Pre-University Studies Department where we have Foundation courses in Science (FIS), Business (FIB) and soon Engineering (FIE).

The principle aim of MAHSA University Foundation courses is to prepare you to enter degree course programs in the University and to provide you with the required knowledge to compete academically with STPM and A-Level students. Our curricula are therefore equivalent to these senior second level qualifications but you will be completing them in 1 year from your required SPM and O-Level entry qualifications. The courses are therefore intensive but academically rewarding and our students achieve similar pass rates at the end of the first year of their degree course as STPM and A-Level entry students, which is our aim. Foundation students also have the advantage of being in MAHSA University for 1 year prior to degree course entry and have therefore made the vital transition from school based teaching and learning to university based lecturing and understanding.

In addition to the rigorous academic programs that successfully prepare you for your degree course, MAHSA University Foundation programs encourage you to take charge of your own academic destiny. You need to embrace university life in all its aspects to succeed and manage the balance between study and extracurricular activities at all times. Being a student in school is very different from what it is like as a University student, in a school setting, teachers tend to end up being the “boss” in the teacher – student relationship, they teach, you learn and then return the answers they require. However, in a University setting, the lecturers impart their knowledge in classes, tutorials, laboratories and through one to one contact. The students in this case are therefore the “boss” as they need to manage all these different sources of information and maximize the benefit to be gained from the academic staff and facilities. MAHSA Pre-University Department aims to develop students into University material and the foundation programmes offered are a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Students enrolled in the programmes offered by the Pre-University Studies Department at MAHSA are nurtured and mentored, to ensure they have reached their optimal academic level that will provide a smooth transition as they embark on their journey in their chosen degree programme.

MAHSA University is definitely the place to be with its upward trajectory of growth since 2005, and the continued steep growth curve of MAHSA is a sure sign of its future success. MAHSA Pre-University Studies department will continue to expand and offer many more selections for students in the very near future.

Come to MAHSA University to do a Foundation course and give yourself the optimum pathway to academic success.

Thank you.

Dr James Walsh, PhD.
Director of MAHSA Pre-University Studies
MAHSA University