Business and Accounting

Q. Must my SPM credits include science and mathematics?

A. No-MAHSA accepts credits in any subjects for entry into the FIB.

Q. What courses can I take after the FIB?

A. MAHSA offers the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.) and the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons.) presently.

Q. Can I enroll for professional courses after the FIB?

A. As a rule no – but you may after completion of the degree.

Q. What is the medium of instruction?

A. You will be taught in English. MAHSA University will provide English as a subject in the FIB programme.

Q. Where will the classes be held?

A. All classes will be at MAHSA University, Jalan University Campus, Petaling Jaya.

Q. Are there any study loans or fees discounts?

A. Yes please see our counselors and they will be able to assist you.

Q. I am from another town/country, does MAHSA provide accommodation facilities?

A. Yes, kindly speak to our student’s affairs officer.

Q. My parents worry about the security on campus, could you pacify them?

A. We have a team of professional security officers who are on duty 24 hours a day and we have confidence in their ability to provide a safe environment.