Postgraduate Studies

MAHSA University has embarked on another achievement in 2014, the home grown Master of Nursing programme. This programme that develops life long personal and professional growth for nurses in current and emerging healthcare system equips nurses to assume responsibilities as advanced nurse practitioners, nurse administrators, nurse educators, as well as nurse researchers that influence the quality of patient care and gain autonomy in their career

The Master of Nursing prepares students to demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills for decision-making, effectively adapt, and be aware of the changing health needs of the population. The graduates will be able to support and direct team members creatively and innovatively using interdisciplinary approaches in delivering comprehensive evidence based health care practices. The Master of Nursing which also sets the platform for doctoral education in subjects related to students’ interests in nursing

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Ms Zainooriah Dato Hj. Zakaria, AMP: AMN; PPT; PJK; RN; RM: PHN: OHN;
MSc in Healthcare Management
Head, Postgraduate Studies Centre
MAHSA University