Master of Science in Public Health

Master of Science in Public Health


The MAHSA University Postgraduate Programs offers a postgraduate course in Public Health. This is a dual degree program affiliated with the Anglia Ruskin University, Faculty of Health and Social Care at Chelmsrord, Cambridge, Fulbourn and Peterborough, UK.

MAHSA is determined to produce knowledgeable and competent Master of Science Public Health graduates who can function effectively in various public and private healthcare providing sectors. We aim to develop graduates who are capable of adapting to the global changes and current development which inculcate important values including leadership, social responsibility, scholarly, community involvement, ethical values and professionalism.

In order to achieve the above mission statements, MAHSA University is:

  • To implement a planned curriculum based on student’s entry qualification and learning capabilities.
  • To use the service of academic staff that are professional, dedicated and committed.
  • To implement the curriculum that has been accredited by the MQA.
  • To create conducive learning and teaching environments to increase the intellectual and social growth of students.
  • To produce competent graduates in their field of studies.

The types of knowledge, skills and competencies that underline these developments include:

  • Inter-professional/interagency working
  • Leadership and change management skills
  • Accountability
  • Ethical decision-making and its application to practice
  • Critical reflection on professional practice
  • Knowledge generation to inform and extend practice
  • Consultancy
  • Evidence Based Practice
  • Shared interprofessional / multidisciplinary learning

Awarding body: MAHSA University and Anglia Ruskin University U.K