Message from Course Leader

Message from Course Leader

My sincere congratulations and warmest welcome to the participants of the postgraduate program, Masters of Science in Public Health.

It has been four years since the University was first incepted as a College, University College and now a full-fledged University. This University does not stop its tireless effort to endeavor to become a center of excellence in healthcare education. Even in the wake of establishing undergraduate medical and allied-health sciences programs in place, it started to take diligent steps towards extending its scope to cater for postgraduate programs in Nursing, Pharmacy and Allied health sciences in affiliation with well renowned institutions like University of Teesside, UK; Liverpool John Moores University, UK.; Northumbria University, UK,. Now we can open a new chapter in medical education by debuting Masters in Public Health for locals as well as the expatriates in the form of a dual degree program between MAHSA and Anglia Ruskin University, UK.

As the Course Leader, I am proud to see the first batch of graduates from this program who would be involved in the tem of public health experts responsible for planning, management of health policies and service delivery in the public health context.

In order to achieve the goal and objectives of this Program, MAHSA has recruited highly qualified and experienced local and international staff who are also actively involved in research. The Community Medicine Department curriculum equips the medical students with knowledge and skills needed for disease control and prevention which are the key areas in public health. In addition, application of epidemiologic methods and hands-on data management and analysis using various statistical methods and computer software are appropriate portfolio readily extendable and expandable for the postgraduate programs.

This is just the beginning of the journey and all faculties responsible for this Program will be available twenty-four/seven for any assistance you might need throughout this tenure.

I wish this Program enjoyable without compromising the quality of the product.

Thank you.

Prof. Dr. Than Winn
Program Leader
MSc in Public Health Program