Upon completing the programme, the graduates will acquire the following:

Cognitive skills

  • Participate in policy-making endeavours that influence health care services and practices.
  • Contribute to nursing knowledge through advanced clinical practice, education and research.

Analytical skills

  • Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skill for decision-making process
  • Demonstrate and critically evaluate the research process to evolve new ideas and approaches in nursing and health care system.
  • Critically evaluate leadership and management theory and skills for quality outcomes in health related issues for the development of intervention.

Practical skills

  • Effectively adapt and utilize comprehensive Evidence based practice and systematic approaches to the changing health needs of the population.
  • Demonstrate effective leadership, support and direction to team members in delivering efficient quality health care.

Transferable skills

  • Reflective independent learning
  • Communication of complex ideas
  • Critical thinking and Problem solving
  • Research Project and time management
  • Flexibility and ability to manage complexity
  • Team work and collaboration