PhD in Nursing (MQA/PA 4388) & KPT (N/723/8/0097)
1. Is this course recognised by MQA?

Malaysian Qualifications Agency has given preliminary approval. Process for the accreditation will be finalised when the First Batch graduates.

2. What are the career prospects of the programme?

Researcher, Administrators, Manager, Practitioner, Specialist, lecturer / Professor and Consultant.

3. What award do I get?

Upon completion of this course, students will be awarded the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing by MAHSA University, Malaysia.

4. What support will I receive during the programme?


  • Peer group support : This will occur through email and the discussion board
  • Coordinator: contact the coordinator for the administrative issues, by email or phone.
  • Supervisor: Will be allocated for research proposal and research project.
  • e- Learning: e- books, e- journal are available.
  • IT and Library facilities are available
  • Hostel facilities: Booking of accommodation must be done early through the house keeper.
  • Recreation
5. What are the modes of evaluation?

Students are assessed via an array of methods, including research proposal; progress report and thesis; and viva –voce.