Program Outline

Program Outline

The course offered is by research only – some of the research interests as below, or any research areas proposed by the candidates; or as expertise and specialisation in various field of pharmacy become available.

The research areas are:

1. Medicinal Chemistry

Research interests: Synthesis & characterization of biological active New Chemical Entities bearing five or six member heterocyclic ring system; Pharmacological Evaluation of any synthesized compounds; Isolation & characterization of active constituent in the plant origin; Development of Analytical methods for the API’s & Dosage Forms; Toxicological studies; Stability study of herbal preparation; HPLC analysis of pharmaceutical and biological sample; Identifying new chemical entity for chemoprevention and cancer therapy; Molecular modeling and analyzing interactions of ligand on the receptor binding sites; Toxicological Profiling of Non- allopathic preparations; HPLC Method development for Drugs and other toxic agents; Natural product analysis.

2. Pharmacognosy

Research interests: Phytochemical screening of medicinal plants; Isolation, Phytochemical screening, characterisation and pharmacological screening of anti-hyperglycemic activity, hepatoprotective activity; cytotoxicity assessment of medicinal plants belonging to the species: Pereskia, Ximenia, Syzygigium, and Synsepalum.

3. Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Research interests: Screening of plant extract from Malaysian herbs for its antimicrobial and anticancer activity; Isolation and identification of indoor microorganisms isolated from a building.

4. Dosage Form Design

Research interests: Natural product analysis; Transdermal drug delivery; In vitro skin permeation cells (‘Franz’ diffusion cell); Instrumentation analysis; development and validations (UV spectrometry, GC, RP- HPLC etc); Cosmeceutical; Pharmaceutical technology (product development); Product analysis- formulation developments and evaluation, disintegration, dissolution; Preformulation (drug development feasibility with new molecules; physico-chemical characterization; solubility and stability assessment and improvement; polymorphism; drug-drug and drug-excipient compatibility; data for new drug applications (IND and NDA)); Conventional and Novel Delivery Systems (including patentable non-infringing platform technologies: nanotechnology (lipid nanospheres, nanoemulsion and solid lipid nanoparticles) for anticancer drug delivery and tumour targeting; vaginal and rectal microbicides and anti-infectives including film, tablet, capsule, gel, cream, and foam formulations; solid, semisolid and liquid dosage forms; implants and conducting polymers; taste masking and mouth dissolving preparations; bioadhesive preparations for buccal and vaginal administration; extemporaneous compounding; complementary medicines; cosmetics; osmotic and matrix oral delivery systems; brand v/s generic products comparison and development); Novel Veterinary Formulations (including drug combinations and extended release preparations); Herbal preparations, Probiotics; Development of new pharmaceutical excipients; Oral controlled drug delivery systems of natural and synthetic polymers.

5. Pharmacy Practice

Research interests: Pharmacy Practice, Pharmacoepidemiology, Communication, Social Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management; Health Related Quality of Life measurements and analysis; Pharmacoeconomics; Pharmacoinformatics; Community pharmacy practices; Smoking Cessation Research; Managing Minor Skin Ailments in Community Pharmacy; Health Counselling; Awareness of Drug Usage and Medication in community; Behavioural Medication Usage Study.

6. Clinical Pharmacy

Research interests: Pharmacists’ participation in the care of patients; Medicine Therapy Management (diabetics, cardiovascular, warfarin management); Chemotherapy Drug Management; ICU Drug Management; Paediatric Drug Management; Pharmacoeconomics; Behavioural Medication Usage Study.

7. Scientific Basis of Therapeutics

Research interests: Transposon-mediated mutagenesis, PCR-directed mutagenesis, egfp-gene tagging, fluorescence microscopy, gene cloning, PCR, RT-PCR, phospholipid extraction & TLC, Southern blot, disc diffusion assay, chemical synthesis, NMR, bioinformatics and molecular modelling (virtual screening of compound libraries, protein-ligand docking); Bio-analytical method development using HPLC; Pharmacological screening of medicinal plants; Pharmacological screening of synthetic drugs; Antimicrobial studies on medicinal plants; preclinical pharmacokinetic studies, screening for anti-psoriatic-cancer compounds using bioassay and pre-clinical experimental cancer chemotherapy.