The Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) kindles the knowledge of the students in the field of information technology. Information Technology (IT) graduates play an important role in the future development of a sustainable environment. The students are trained to have high skill sets of logical thinking and critical analysis, enabling them to think and react professionally and are ready for any future challenges.

The Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) is a 3-year programme, designed in consultation with a panel of experts and has been approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA). The programme is designed uniquely with four different areas of specialisation; i.e. Data Management, Game Computing, Mobile Computing and Network Computing. Students are allowed to choose their preferred specialisation to develop the necessary knowledge and industry application technological skills which very useful for employment upon graduation.

Upon completion of 7 semester studies, the students will proceed to the industrial training in end of Year 3, semester 1. At the end of the training the students are required to submit a report while the industries are required to evaluate and report on the students’ job performance. The industrial training is necessary to meet the requirements of the accreditation by MQA. Students are exposed to real work environment experience gain knowledge in writing report in technical works/projects. This programme not only prepares students with advanced theoretical and practical skills but also exposes them to plan and manage a project strategically.

In the final year, the Research project in this programme will enable students to take on R&D with commercialization, develops the academic and practical aspects of chosen area of study and reinforces the independent learning skills. This is where students will demonstrate higher level; critical thinking analysis and solutions development skills which will enhance their employability.

Programme Structure

Y1S1 Introduction to Programming BIT1 C013
Information Technology Fundamentals BIT1 C023
Discrete Mathematics BIT1 C033
English BIT1 C213
Business Statistics BIT1 C223
Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia/ Malaysian Studies MPU 3123 / MPU 3173
Y1S2 Information Management BIT2 C043
Computer Architecture & Organization BIT2 C053
Operating Systems BIT2 C063
Data Structures & Algorithms BIT2 C073
Environmental Management & Technology BIT2 C233
Hubungan Etnik / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 MPU 3113 / MPU 3213
Y1S3 Computer Networks BIT3 C083
Database Management BIT3 C093
Mathematics for Computations BIT3 C103
Y2S1 Human Computer Interaction BIT4 C113
Information Security BIT4 C123
Community Service MPU 3412
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics BIT4 C134
Fundamentals of Mobile Computing BIT4 C143
SPECIALISATION: Database Management
Database Architecture & Administration
BIT4 D013
3D Imaging and Film Effects
BIT4 G013
SPECIALISATION: Mobile Computing
Wireless communication
BIT4 M013
SPECIALISATION: Network Computing
Network Protocols
BIT4 N013
Y2S2 Computer Ethics and Cyber Law BIT5 C153
Web Technologies BIT5 C163
Youth Development MPU 3322
Integrative Programming BIT5 C184
SPECIALISATION: Database Management
Big data analysis
BIT5 D023
Artificial Intelligence for Game Developers
BIT5 G023
SPECIALISATION: Mobile Computing
Mobile Applications Development
BIT5 M023
SPECIALISATION: Network Computing
Routing and Switching
BIT5 N023
Y2S3 Research Methodology BIT6 C243
SPECIALISATION: Database Management
Data Warehousing and Mining BIT6 D033
Business Processes with SAP ERP Systems BIT6 D044
Virtual Reality BIT6 G033
Game Technology BIT6 G034
SPECIALISATION: Mobile Computing
Mobile Technology BIT6 M034
Distributed computing system BIT6 M044
SPECIALISATION: Network Computing
Ethical Hacking BIT6 N033
TCP/IP Programming BIT6 N044
Y3S1 Entrepreneurship MPU 3243
Research Project BIT7 C193
SPECIALISATION: Database Management
SQL Programming BIT7 D054
Database Technologies BIT7 D064
Multimedia and Animation BIT7 G054
Prototyping and iterating game designs BIT7 G063
SPECIALISATION: Mobile Computing
Mobile Game Development BIT7 M054
XML and WEB services BIT7 M064
SPECIALISATION: Network Computing
Adhoc & sensor Network BIT7 N054
High Speed Network BIT7 N064
Y3S2 Industrial Training BIT8 C2012

Entry Requirement

  • STPM
    Pass with minimum grade C (GPA 2.00) in any 2 subjects and credit in Mathematics SPM level or equivalent
    Pass with minimum grade C (GPA 2.00) in any 2 subjects and credit in Mathematics SPM level or equivalent
    Pass a Diploma in Computer Science/Software Engineering/Information Technology/Information Systems or equivalent with minimum CGPA of 2.50
    Recognised Malaysian qualifications or their equivalent
    MUET: BAND 2
    IELTS: 6.0
    TOEFL: 550

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of degree in Information Technology programme, graduate may work as IT consultant, Cloud architect, Mobile application developer, Web developer, Software engineer, Data Modeller, Database administrator, Systems analyst, Systems engineer, Technical support engineers, Project manager and various opportunities in IT sectors both in private and government as well. There is sufficient demand for the degree graduates to fulfil the current job demand in IT industries or IT education oriented organizations locally and internationally.


The teaching staff in the faculty comprises of professors and lecturers with vast experience from the different fields of specialisations. The faculty also employs IT consultants who have wide industry experience to be part of the academic team.
Industry Linkages
Students have the benefit of attending our Guest Lectures series, which features outstanding professionals from the industry as well as gain hands-on exposure for internship with any of our panel from the IT and related industry
The Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) is very affordable and there are education loans available for students who wish to further seek out additional financial assistance.
Flexible Enrolment Dates
Students are able to enroll throughout the year, based on an innovative continuous enrolment structure, so you can start your academic journey whenever you are ready.
The programme is a 3 year degree, in line with the requirements of the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).