MAHSA University's Diploma in Entrepreneurship is an intensive 2-year programme tailor-made for students who have completed SPM or its equivalent, and who have big dreams of starting their own business ventures. We at MAHSA understand that big dreams are no small matter, and have made it possible for students to bridge the gap between school and running a profitable business.

Students will learn the fundamentals of business; business accounting; business law; managing business start-ups; entrepreneurial principles, strategies and practices; formulating business plans; elements of entrepreneurial leadership; marketing strategies through social media; principles of finance; business applications; human resource management; marketing and communication skills.

At the end of this programme, students will have obtained the necessary knowledge to plan and execute a start-up business as well as manage the financing and marketing of the business, while garnering growth and profit for the business, which is its ultimate end.

Students will have learnt how to successfully execute the ultimate business plan and effectuate the ultimate business objective - the production of profit

Programme Structure

1 Accounting 1 EACC 1113
Business English 1 EENG 1123
Microeconomics EECO 1133
Business Mathematics EMTH 1143
Information Technology EITY 1153
Bahasa Kebangsaan EMPW 1163
Introduction to Business EBIZ 1173
2 Accounting 2 EACC 1213
Business English 2 EENG 1223
Macroeconomics EECO 1233
Business Statistics ESTS 1243
Fundamental of Management EMGT 1253
Pengajian Islam / Moral EMPW 1263/1273
3 Leadership ELDS 1313
Introduction to Finance EFIN 1323
Introduction to Entrepreneurship EENT 1333
4 Legal Issues of Entrepreneurship ELAW 2413
Business Communication ECOM 2423
E-Commerce ECMZ 2433
Entrepreneurial Value & Skills EENT 2444
Pengajian Malaysia EMPW 2453
Creativity & Innovation EEBT 2464
5 Entrepreneurial Marketing EMKT 2513
Building the Entrepreneurial Organization EENT 2524
Entrepreneurial Business Strategy EENT 2533
Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures EENT 2443
Effective Business Plan EEBP 2554
6 Industrial Training (4 months) EITN 2618

Entry Requirement

SPM/O Level/equivalent qualification:

3 credits with a pass in Mathematics and English



MYR 16,500
Year 1 : RM 8,250
Year 2 : RM 8,250


MYR 31,800
Year 1 : RM 15,900
Year 2 : RM 15,900

Career Opportunities

  • Entrepreneur

  • Business Executive

  • Social Media Executive

  • Marketing Executive

  • Business Planner


The Diploma in Entrepreneurship is designed in consultation with university partners and a panel of industry experts, providing students with the knowledge and skills highly desirable by employers.
Interaction with Professionals
Students studying in Diploma in Entrepreneurship are given opportunities to interact and engage with lecturers and students from the faculties of Medical and Health Sciences, giving these students networking opportunities and insight into the healthcare industries, which is among the top driver for the global economy.
Tuition fees for the Diploma in Entrepreneurship are kept at an affordable level, to ensure there are little barriers to a good quality education.
Enrolment Dates
The Diploma in Entrepreneurship takes students on a rolling semester basis, allowing for greater flexibility.
International Faculty
With lecturers and students from 56 different nationalities, the Diploma in Entrepreneurship student gain a rich appreciation of different cultures and values.
Internship with
Industry Partners
Students of the Diploma in Entrepreneurship gain work experience as part of their programme. This invaluable experience give our students an edge in employment and help them make good contacts within the industry
to Degree
Students of the Diploma in Entrepreneurship are given automatic provisional offers to a MAHSA business degree programme. This is a definite advantage over other college programmes and the offer is valid as long as the student fulfils the academic requirements needed to progress to the undergraduate degree of choice.
Awarded by
MAHSA University
The Diploma in Entrepreneurship is awarded by MAHSA University, a highly reputable university in Malaysia