Michelle Thong Foong Yen
Deputy Dean


The Faculty of Business, Finance and Hospitality offers industry focused programmes designed to reflect global market trends. Our students come from all over the world to pursue an education in business, management, accounting, finance, human resources and marketing.

As the youngest and fastest growing faculty, MAHSA’s Faculty of Business, Finance and Hospitality consists of a richly diverse and professional teaching team. Additionally, our strong collaborations with national and international professional bodies have contributed in a holistic learning for our students, as they to step into the real world of business.

Our approach is to build character in our students with the needed acumen for success. We offer a range of programmes from diploma to degree and masters level. As a signatory member of PRME, Principles of Responsible Management Education, a United Nation Global Compact initiative, MAHSA’s Faculty of Business, Finance and Hospitality shares the same mission to inspire and champion responsible management education, research and thought leadership globally.

With PRME we focus in infusing taught concepts of ethics, corporate governance and human governance into our curriculum.