MAHSA University’s Bachelor of Business Administration is a multifaceted and exciting 3-year undergraduate degree programme that primes its graduates for an exhaustive list of career options in the business arena and its peripheries, providing students with a sturdy foundation in the fundamentals principles of business.

Graduates will be armed with the necessary knowledge for a career in almost any business field of their choice, including business administration, business management, human resource management, banking, real estate, sales and marketing, manufacturing and trade.

Students will study accounting, business law and ethics, economics, finance, marketing, human resource management, management information systems and information technology, operations management, international business, organisational behaviour, strategic management, and quantitative techniques such as business statistics, financial mathematics and operations research.

When they have completed this programme, graduates of this very versatile degree will have equipped themselves with the knowledge and skills to adapt to and excel in any business environment of their choice, whether locally or internationally.

Programme Structure

1 Malaysian Studies/Tamadun Islam MPU 3123/MPU 3173
Principles of Accounting ACC 1014
Business Mathematics QTY 1013
Business Communication UCC 1023
Microeconomics ECO 2013
Principles of Management MGT 1023
2 Hubungan Etnik MPU 3113
Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi MPU 3213
Macroeconomics ECO 2023
Office Application Software UCC 1013
Principles Marketing MKT 1013
Business Statistics QTY 2014
Quantitative Analysis QTY 1012
Introduction To Business MGT 1013
3 Principles Of Finance FIN 1013
Entrepreneurship MPU 3243
4 Costing ACC 2213
Ethics, Governance And Accountability MGT 2033
Commercial Law LAW 2013
Knowledge Management MGT 3053
Management Information System MIS 2013
Organizational Behaviour MGT 2023
Comparative Religion MPU 3312
5 Financial Management FIN 2013
Human Resource Management MGT 2013
Management Accounting ACC 2223
Marketing Management MKT 2013
Company Law LAW 2023
Elective 1 VARIOUS
6 Community Work MPU 3413
Operations Management MGT 3063
7 Corporate Finance FIN 3013
Organizational Development MGT 2143
Business Research Methods MGT 3043
Elective 2 VARIOUS
Concentration 1 VARIOUS
Concentration 2 VARIOUS
8 Strategic Management MGT 3034
Elective 3 VARIOUS
Concentration 3 VARIOUS
Concentration 4 VARIOUS
Dissertation MGT 3034

Entry Requirement

Pass STPM or equivalent with minimum Grade C (GPA 2.00) in any 2 subjects and Pass in Mathematic and English in SPM or equivalent (if the equivalent grade not attained at STPM level)

Pass Matriculation / Foundation or equivalent with minimum CGPA 2.00 out of 4.00

Pass STAM with minimum Grade Jayyid and Pass in Mathematic and English in SPM or equivalent (if the equivalent grade not attained at STAM level)

Other qualification equivalent to a Diploma or Advanced Diploma (Tahap 4 or 5 KKM)

UEC: Minimum grade B in 5 subjects

IB: Score 24 AND Pass SPM or an equivalent qualification with 5 credits including Bahasa Malaysia

South Australian Matriculation(SAM)/South Australian Certificate of Education(SACE)/AUSMAT: Minimum 2 passes with ATAR 50% AND Pass SPM or an equivalent qualification with 5 credits including Bahasa Malaysia

Diploma in related field: Pass with minimum CGPA 2.00

Other equivalent qualification

Career Opportunities

  • Business Manager

  • Business Administrative Manager

  • Finance Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Human Resource Manager


Awarded by
MAHSA University
The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) is awarded by MAHSA University, a leader in Medical and Health Science Education in Malaysia
The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) is designed in consultation with a panel of local and international experts, resulting in a highly sought after curriculum that combines theoretical learning and practical sessions in simulation wards and hospitals.
Industry Linkages
Students in the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) are given opportunities to interact and engage with lecturers and students from the faculties of Medical and Health Sciences, giving these students networking opportunities and insight into the healthcare industries, which is among the top driver for the global economy.
Tuition fees for the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) are kept at an affordable level, to ensure there are little barriers to a good quality education.
International Faculty
With lecturers and students from 56 different nationalities, the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) students gain a rich appreciation of different cultures and values.
Internship with
Industry Partners
Students of the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) gain work experience as part of their programme. This invaluable experience give our students an edge in employment and help them make good contacts within the industry
The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) is approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.