MAHSA is committed to ensuring that every student is supported and has an equitable opportunity for success, regardless of their backgrounds. We recognize that we need to personalize education and ensure a strong ecosystem of support for every student. Our services have transformed over the years with feedback from all stakeholders involved in the student journey.


Student Central is MAHSA’s one-stop centre for students for enquiry, information and activities. MAHSA Students can contact Student Central at or walk in to the Student Central office located at the Humanity Building on the SPINE (2nd Floor).

The two-week compulsory orientation programme allows new students to be acquainted with their seniors and introduced to their respective faculty and various administrative personnel of the university. The programme is managed by the Be More Centre (BMC) with the help of the Student Representative Council (SRC) through activities and presentations by heads of academic departments and administrative units. Orientation is counted as part of the attendance as it helps students to make the transition into university life. At the orientation, apart from establishing friendships among their peers, students learn what to expect, how to navigate successfully, and where to ask for help while at MAHSA University. READ MORE: MAHSA UNIVERSITY ORIENTATION HANDBOOK

Preparatory classes are available to students who want a refresher course in some subject areas, or just want a head-start, before their semester commences. Preparatory classes are offered for all levels of studies and typically in subjects such as Basic Sciences, English, Mathematics, and Accounting.

We believe that when a student feels supported socially and emotionally, they will, in turn, feel respected and accepted by their peers and lecturers. Students may drop by at the Student Central and speak to any of our licensed Counsellors on campus. Counselling sessions are kept private between the student and the counsellor.

MAHSA has collaborated with various education institutions internationally, and students have the opportunity to do a short semester, credit transfer or a mobility programme with the institutions enlisted as MAHSA partners.

MAHSA’s Global mobility programme provides students with the opportunity to experience new cultures, make friends from all over the world, and gain a competitive edge by becoming global citizens. The options include:

  1. Student Exchange
  2. Short Mobility Programme
  3. Study Trips
  4. Internship Exchange
  5. Research Exchange

Mobility programmes often open doors of opportunity for students in the global arena. Students make international friends and build rapport and network with potential employers through these programmes.

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The Mentor-Mentee support system is a structured process of personal guidance through a mentor assigned to every student at the beginning of their student journey. The Mentor who is a faculty member will provide advice and other close mentoring support in relation to academic and non-academic matters.

The objectives of the Mentor-Mentee system are to increase student retention by helping them become more familiar with the university culture and help them grow and develop professionally as MAHSA students. Mentors at MAHSA also help increase the flow of accurate and timely information throughout university life across its various offices.

To ensure that MAHSA students have job-ready skill sets and are highly sought-after by potential employers, we have launched the MAHSA Masterclass Series as a bolt-on qualification for all students across all levels of study. This provides our students with the added advantage of earning additional certification in the relevant subject areas supplementing their prescribed curriculum, thus building their essential skills for the demands of the 21st century. Students who complete a set of Masterclasses as determined by the University will be eligible to acquire a Pearson Assured Certificate at the end of their academic programme.

MAHSA’s unique PRIDE programme helps students to pursue professional certification while undertaking their academic programmes. When students sign up for any academic programme they are automatically enrolled in the PRIDE programme that encompasses Professional Certifications that are curated for beginners up to advance levels and conducted within the period of their academic study.

PRIDE adds significant value to MAHSA’s graduate employability index as a result of creating industry ready-graduates who are confident, competent, knowledgeable and equipped with the relevant skills needed in venturing into the industry of their academic choice upon graduation. It makes them on par with the rest of the professionals across the world.


    The globally recognized professional certificates that are packaged under PRIDE are aligned with the rising digital needs and the growing demands of the industries in the 21st century. This adds necessary value to our graduates’ career paths that are evolving through the demands of IR4.0.

      The PRIDE programme enables students to make the best use of their digital skills to excel in their academic studies. Digital skills are crucial for students as education in almost all disciplines and levels is becoming digitalized around the world.
      The certifications under the PRIDE programme are accepted worldwide and given by internationally recognized professional bodies like Microsoft, EC Council, Adobe and Autodesk. This gives you a career gateway to the global industry.
      According to a study, 91% of employers worldwide prefer to employ those who have professional certification and digital abilities along with academic qualifications. The courses under PRIDE sharpen digital skills and increase employment potential in the emerging industries that require enhanced digital needs.

Student Central is all about you – your success, your stories, your journeys and your connections with the community. MAHSA is proud of each milestone achieved by every student, and this engagement office allows us to broadcast and spread your stories as bytes of inspiration for the rest of the world. If you have a valuable story to share, write to us at

Students who wish to progress to a higher degree can get advice on the progression pathways and the Blue Ribbon Scholarship that is made available by MAHSA to support this progression. Most degrees at the postgraduate level are also offered on a part-time mode, so students can work and study at the same time. For more information, please contact

  • MAHSA Music Club
  • Badan Amal Pengajian Islam MAHSA
  • MAHSA TaeKwonDo Club
  • MAHSA Pharmacy Student Society
  • MAHSA Christian Fellowship
  • Assoc. of International Students
  • MAHSA Medical Society
  • Assoc. of Physio Students
  • Dental Students’ Society
  • MAHSA Dance Club
  • MAHSA Business Club
  • Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak
  • MAHSA University Biomedical Sciences Society
  • CBXT Performing Arts Club
  • MAHSA Visual Club
  • MAHSA Villus Netball Club
  • MAHSA Medical Imaging Society
  • Nightingale Society
  • Pertubuhan Silat Seni Gayong MAHSA
  • MAHSA Helping Hands
  • MAHSA Indian Cultural Society
  • MAHSA FootSal Club
  • MAHSA Volleyball Club
  • MAHSA Dodgeballers
  • Debating & Performing Arts Society
  • Entertainment Society
  • MAHSA Cheerleading Club
  • Engineering Club
  • MAHSA Institution of Engineers Malaysia
  • MAHSA Chinese Society

MAHSA University considers students as its main stakeholders, so your feedback is an important source of input for continuous service quality improvement. Feedback is given through student surveys, town hall sessions and meetings with student representatives. Students are asked for their input on effective teaching, student experience, orientation experience, and satisfaction levels with support service departments.

Elected student representatives are more often the first source of feedback and communication between the students and the university. Students can also write to any of the Faculty Deans, whose contact information is available in the Programme and on the faculty webpage. In addition, student feedback may be given to:

  1. Student Representative Council (SRC)
  2. Student Central (
  3. MAHSA Residences (
  4. STAR (
  5. MAHSA Ideas (