MAHSA University's Diploma in Business Administration is a wonderfully versatile 2-year programme for students who have completed their SPM or its equivalent, and want to equip themselves with a solid business education that can take them anywhere in the business world and beyond, where they will end up managing business entities and more.

Business Administration students will study a wide range of business-related subjects such as accounting, business principles and procedures, human resource management, finance, economics, marketing and law, among others. Students will immerse themselves in the planning and management of businesses in areas such as production and planning, resource allocation and management, decision-making, project management and other such interesting areas.

The objective of the Diploma in Business Administration is to teach students to efficiently and effectively manage the scarce resources with which a business is endowed, to effectuate organisational procedures and policies, and to do all this with the ultimate objective of maximising profit while minimising costs.

At the end of the programme, students will be competent business executives with a sharp eye for a sure profit.

Programme Structure

1 Accounting 1 & 2 BACC 1113 & BACC 1213
Business English 1 & 2 BENG 1123 & BENG 1223
Business Mathematics BMTH 1143
Business Statistics BSTS 1243
Fundamentals of Management BMGT 1253
Introduction to Business BBIZ 1173
Introduction to Finance BFIN 1323
Information Technology BITY 1153
Macroeconomics BECO 1233
Microeconomics BECO 1133
Principles of Corporate Communication BCOM 1333
Principles of Marketing BMKT 2513
2 Business Law BLAW 2413
Business Communication BCOM 2423
Computerized Accounting System BCAS 1313
Consumer Behaviour BCBV 2463
Cost Accounting BCAT 2433
Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship BENT 2443
Industrial Training BITN 2618
Introduction to E-Commerce BIEC 2533
Introduction to Operation Management BIOM 2554
Manpower Management BHRM 2553
People and Organisation BPAO 2523

Entry Requirement

  • SPM
    Pass with min. credits in three (3) subjects and pass in Mathematics
  • UEC
    Pass with min. grade B in three (3) subjects and pass in Mathematics
  • O-Level
    Pass with min. grade C in three (3) subjects and pass in Mathematics
  • SKM
    Pass with level three (3) in related field and pass SPM with min. one (1) credit in any subjects and pass in Mathematics
    Pass certificate in Accounting or any related field with CGPA 2.0
  • STPM
    Pass with min grade C (CGPA 2.0) in one (1) any subject and pass in Mathematics
  • Other
    Recognised Malaysian qualifications or their equivalent

Career Opportunities

  • Business Executive

  • Administrative Executive

  • Accounts Executive

  • Marketing Executive

  • Human Resource Executive


The Diploma in Business Administration is designed in consultation with university partners and a panel of industry experts, providing students with the knowledge and skills highly desirable by employers.
Industry Linkages
Students of the Diploma in Business Administration gain work experience as part of their programme. This invaluable experience give our students an edge in employment and help them make good contacts within the industry
Tuition fees for the Diploma in Business Administration are kept at an affordable level, to ensure there are little barriers to a good quality education.
Enrolment Dates
The Diploma in Business Administration takes students on a rolling semester basis, allowing for greater flexibility.
International Faculty
With lecturers and students from 56 different nationalities, the Diploma in Business Administration student gain a rich appreciation of different cultures and values.
to Degree
Students of the Diploma in Business Administration are given automatic provisional offers to any MAHSA business degree programme. This is a definite advantage over other college programmes and the offer is valid as long as the student fulfils the academic requirements needed to progress to the undergraduate degree of choice.
Students studying in Diploma in Business Administration are given opportunities to interact and engage with lecturers and students from the faculties of Medical and Health Sciences, giving these students networking opportunities and insight into the healthcare industries, which is among the top driver for the global economy.
Awarded by
MAHSA University
The Diploma in Business Administration is awarded by MAHSA University, a highly reputable university in Malaysia.