The Doctor in Periodontology (DrPerio) is a three-year clinical coursework programme designed to provide effective integration of knowledge encompassing the comprehensive diagnosis and management of patients who require treatment procedures involving periodontology and implantology. This programme also exposes candidates to a multidisciplinary health team, enabling the candidates to provide holistic treatment to the patients by using the comprehensive knowledge given to them under this programme.

As part of the program, each student will conduct a research project in the field of Periodontology with their research supervisor guidance and the results of their research will be written up as a thesis and scientific paper(s) can be published in journals.

The program delivery is done in multiple teaching strategies such as Seminars, Journal clubs, Case presentations, small group discussions, and clinical skill training with simulations on models and/or animal specimens, clinical training on patients for non-surgical and various periodontal surgical procedures, Implant surgeries and restorations, aesthetic soft tissue corrections etc. Students are trained to conduct audit and present audit report as a part of their entrepreneurial training. Besides, students have an opportunity to participate in community camps and projects to foster social responsibility.

To join this program, students need to have completed a one-year Master's degree in Orofacial Sciences, including a specific course in Periodontology, or an equivalent qualification. This combination of a one-year Master's degree followed by a three-year Doctorate program creates a specialized training path. Graduates of this program will be eligible to become recognized specialists in Periodontology under the Malaysian Dental Act of 2018.

Programme Structure

Research Project
Periodontology 1
Periodontology 2
Periodontology 3

Entry Requirement

BACHELOR’S DEGREE Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry or its equivalent
CLINICAL EXPERIENCE A minimum of 2 years of clinical experience after graduation
MASTER’S DEGREE Master of Orofacial sciences with an elective in Periodontology module or an equivalent Coursework Master program
EXPERIENCE Registered with the Malaysian Dental Council (MDC) and holds current Annual Practising Certificate (APC) or registered with the dental regulatory body in another country and eligible to be granted a Temporary Practising Certificate (TPC) by MDC
IELTS: 6.0
TOEFL: 550

Career Prospects

SPECIALISTS in Periodontology at the

  • Ministry of Health

  • Ministry of Defence

  • Ministry of Education (Academia/Institutions of Higher Learning)

Private Dental Clinics