The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) through Open Distance Learning (ODL) at MAHSA University is a 4-year undergraduate degree programme that prepares students for a career in healthcare. Physiotherapy helps improve movement and functional ability, maximizing the quality of life through promotion, prevention and treatment in the rehabilitation of patients with neurological, cardiorespiratory and musculoskeletal disorders.

Students will immerse themselves in the study of applied and functional anatomy; physiology; pathology; physiotherapy rehabilitation science; research methodology, clinical reasoning and evidence-based clinical practice. They will acquire skills in manual therapy, therapeutic exercise prescription and electrotherapy, all of which are the essential components of physiotherapy management. During the course of this programme, students are required to complete a minimum of 1200 hours of clinical practice.

The teaching methods include lecture and tutorial sessions on the e-learning platform. Self–instructional materials will be uploaded to the online forum prior to lecture or tutorial sessions. Integrative teaching approaches through discussion and seminars will be held through this online platform. Lecturers will facilitate learning through the use of case scenarios. Practical sessions will be conducted through face-to-face teaching where hands–on skills can be demonstrated. For diploma graduates, credit transfer is allowed with the mapping of the modules and a maximum of 30% of the graduating credits.

When students have completed this programme, they will be qualified to
  • rehabilitate patients with reduced mobility due to muscular, neurological, cardiovascular or respiratory disorders
  • assess physical dysfunction, movement disorders and pain
  • formulate appropriate treatment plans according to the patients’ problems
  • reduce pain and discomfort, which helps to improve patients’ functional capacity and general well-being
  • prescribe exercises and aids
  • promote health and wellness through preventive strategies
  • maintain records of patients’ progress

This Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) programme at MAHSA University is the first programme in Malaysia with an innovative teaching and learning approach through the open distance learning delivery mode. Emphasis is given to graduates’ readiness to meet employers’ demands and expectations.


The programme aims to develop critical-thinking physiotherapists who possess the scientific knowledge, skills and appropriate professional attitudes and leadership quality for professional and societal advancement within the national vision.


The physiotherapy graduates will be able to integrate knowledge and skills competently, develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills for making effective clinical decisions, and demonstrate professionalism and good communication skills.


  • Spacious and state of the art Gait Lab, Lecture Theatres, Electrotherapy Rooms & Gymnasiums
  • Community Physiotherapy Clinic in JUC for extensive Practical Exposure
  • Training with real patients provided in wide range of Government and Private Hospitals
  • Teaching by highly qualified and competent lecturers from local and overseas

Programme Structure

1 1 Functional & Applied Anatomy of MS System I
Functional & Applied Anatomy of MS System II
Professional Development
English for Academic Purposes
U1 - TITAS /
U1 - Malaysian Studies 3
2 Exercise Therapy & Handling Skills
Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Cardiorespiratory System
English for Academic Writing
Clinical Exposure
U1 - Hubungan Etnik /
U1 - Bahasa Komunikasi 2
2 1 Manual Skills in Physiotherapy
Applied Anatomy and Physiology in Neurology
Physiotherapy Practice in Musculoskeletal I
Physiotherapy Practice in Cardiorespiratory Conditions
U2 - Entrepreneurship
2 Physiotherapy Practice in Neurology I
Physiotherapy Practice in Musculoskeletal II
Research Methods I
U3 - Youth Development
Clinical Practice I (MS&CR / CR&N / MS&N)
3 1 Physiotherapy Practice in Neurology II
Physiotherapy Practice in Musculoskeletal III
Physiotherapy Practice in Women’s Health
Research Methods II
Clinical Reasoning & Evidence Based Practice
U4 - Community Work
2 Physiotherapy Practice in Paediatrics
Physiotherapy Practice in Geriatrics
Clinical Practice II (MS&CR / CR&N / MS&N and Geriatrics / Pediatrics / Others)
4 1 Physiotherapy Practice in Sports
Physiotherapy Practice in Occupational Health
Clinical Practice III (MS&CR / CR&N / MS&N and Geriatrics / Pediatrics / Others)
2 Research Project
Elective Placement

Entry Requirement

i) Obtained MUET Band 3 or IELTS (5.5)/TOEFL (550)


a) Passed Matriculation/Pre-University/STPM programme or equivalent qualification with a minimum GPA of 2.33 in at least TWO of the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Physics/Mathematics
  • Chemistry


b) A-Level programme or equivalent qualification with minimum Grade D in at least TWO of the following subjects:
  • Biology
  • Physics/Mathematics
  • Chemistry


c) A recognised Diploma with a minimum CGPA of 2.75 in related field;


d) A recognised Diploma with a CGPA of less than 2.75 in related field and a minimum of 3 years’ (36 months) working experience in the related field.

English proficiency for foreign students

Candidates should have obtained IELTS (5.5)/TOEFL (550) paper-based or equivalent.

Career Opportunities

  • Physiotherapy practice

  • Community health centers

  • Elderly homes/ private care centers

  • Rehabilitation centers

  • Sport clubs

  • Fitness centers

  • Hospitals

  • Institutes for the physically handicapped

  • Higher learning institutions

  • Mental health centers

  • Equipment companies


The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) ODL mode is designed in consultation with a panel of local and international experts with emphasis on graduates’ readiness for practice. The curriculum combines theory and practical sessions. Students are given opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to clinical situations in physiotherapy centers, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, elderly homes and sport clubs.
Clinical Exposure
Students of the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) ODL mode gain experience in various clinical facilities covering all disciplines.
Tuition fees for the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) ODL mode are affordable to ensure that opportunity is given to those who want to avail themselves of quality education.
The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) ODL mode is provisionally accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia
Awarded by
MAHSA University
The Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons) ODL mode is awarded by MAHSA University, a leader in Medical and Health Science Education in Malaysia