This programme aims to produce nurses who are professional, knowledgeable and competent in providing safe and skillful gerontology nursing care, while making them full their professional career in competitive global market in the care of the aged. It encompasses the study of the mental, physical and social characteristics of older adults and how these factor are impacted by the aging process. Gerontology provides medical treatment and strategies for disease prevention to older adults.


Programme Structure

Basic Medical Sciences
Behavioural Sciences
Nursing Sciences
Clinical placement

Entry Requirement

Malaysian Candidate:
  • Diploma in Nursing or its equivalent and from an institution that is recognized by Nursing Board Malaysia

  • Minimum three (3) months working experience in related field

  • Minimum 2 years clinical working experience

  • Registered with Nursing Board Malaysia

  • Possess a current Annual Practicing Certificate (APC)

  • Registered with Nursing Council or Board of Nursing at respective Country

Career Opportunities

  • Nurse specialist in Gerontology

  • Nursing/Gerontology nurse

  • Entrepreneur - Gerontology home care

  • Geriatric social worker / Social Gerontologist

  • Biogerontologist

  • Geriatric Physician Assistant

  • Geriatric Care Manager