According to World Bank, Islamic finance has emerged as an effective tool for financing development worldwide, including non-Muslim countries, Islamic finance is a fast growing segment of the financial industry in many parts of the world. It has registered double-digit growth rates in the past decade despite challenging circumstances globally. Its reach and influence has expanded beyond the traditional Islamic markets with increasingly strong footholds in banking, takaful and the capital market.

Since 2008, Islamic banking has been growing at an estimated annual rate of 10-15% in non-Muslim countries such as the USA, Britain and France, as an ethical and sustainable alternative to the conventional, profit-driven banking system. Year after year, there has been continuous expansion of total Islamic finance assets as well as a sophistication of products, together with an ever-growing number of countries, companies and institutions participating in the industry.

MAHSA Bachelor of Science Islamic Finance is a 3.5 year programme and is designed in consultation with the university partners. It aims to produce graduates in the field of Islamic Finance who are not only knowledgeable and skillful but also as individuals who would demonstrate high level of integrity coupled with sound social and personal disposition that will be an asset to the organization that they work with. Apart from that, these graduates will display leadership characteristics with aim of achieving the principles of Magasid al-Shariah.

Programme Structure

1 Principles of Accounting IFAC 1113
Microeconomics IFEC 1123
Business Mathematics IFBM 1133
Business Statistics IFBS 1143
Syariah Islamiyyah ISF 1313
Principles of Fiqh Mua'malat ISF 1323
Principles of Finance
Macroeconomics IFEC 1223
Islamic Finance ISF 1233
Islamic Economics ISF 1243
Human Resource Management IFHR 1333
Tarikh Tashri ISF 1253
2 Usul Company Law
Money and Banking IFMB 2133
Basic Arabic for Muamalat 1 LANG 100
Fundamentals of Islamic Management IFMG 2213
Islamic Financial Service Legal Framework ISF 2223
Principles and Practices of Takaful ISF 2223
Accounting for Islamic Financial Transactions IFAC 2243
Basic Arabic for Muamalat 2 LANG 101
Professional Communication ANG 1002
Qawa'id Fiqhiyyah ISF 2313
Entrepreneurship from Islamic Perspective ISF 2323
Application of Fiqh Mu'amalat in Islamic Finance ISF 2333
Islamic Theology IFBM 2134
3 Marketing Management MKT 2013
Islamic Money and Payment System ISF 3113
Banking and Finance Information System ISF 3123
Auditing and Governance for Islamic Financial Institutions IFAC 3143
Investment Analysis IFFN 3213
Islamic Risk Management ISF 3253
Islamic Capital Market ISF 2253
Islamic Wealth Management ISF 3313
Waqf Management ISF 3323
Elective 1
Elective 2
4 Practical Training IFPT 4116
Youth Development
Community Project MPU 3412
Malaysia Studies MPU 3173
Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi MPU 3213
Tamadun Islam & Tamadun Asia MPU 3123
Hubungan Etnik MPU 3113

Entry Requirement

STPM Pass STPM with minimum Grade C (CGPA2.00) in any 2 subjects, pass in Maths at SPM, and pass in Arabic Language at SPM (can be excluded if the result of Arabic language is equal/higher at STPM/STAM/Matriculation/Diploma or Equivalent.
(Candidate without pass Arabic language at SPM/STPM/STAM/ Matriculation/Diploma or equivalent are required to undergo Arabic language enhancement course before beginning the programme.)
STAM Pass with minimum Grade Jayyid and a pass in Maths. Pass in Arabic Language at SPM (excluded if Arabic Language is equal/higher at STPM/STAM/Matriculation/Diploma or equivalent).
(Candidate without pass Arabic language at SPM/STPM/STAM/ Matriculation/Diploma or equivalent are required to undergo Arabic language enhancement course before beginning the programme.)

Why Study at MAHSA

  • Develop Entrepreneurial Competency

  • Focus on Functional Work Skills

  • Dynamic and Innovative Teaching Approach

  • Industry Relevant Curriculum

  • Strong Industrial Linkages

  • Students from 56 Different Nationalities

Career Prospects

  • Banker

  • Islamic Financial Analyst

  • Islamic Personal Financial Advisor

  • Shariah Auditor

  • Loan Officer

  • Investor Relations Associate

  • Islamic Financial Planner

  • Islamic Estate Planner

  • Islamic Unit Trust Planner

  • Takaful Planner

  • Shariah Advisor Consultant