Dental Surgery Assistants are important, integral and valued members of the dental-healthcare team. They are instrumental in helping both dentists and patients. A career as a dental surgery assistant can be exciting, challenging and very rewarding.

A highly skilled dental assistant working alongside the dental surgeons will provide benevolent care to the community by helping people enhance and maintain their oral health.

The 3-year in Diploma Dental Surgery Assistant programme contains the essential and balanced theoretical and practical / clinical practices. The courses taught in this programme are an integration of basic sciences, dental sciences, behavioral sciences, ethics and humanities with special emphasis on communication, clinical sciences in various specialties and the clinical practice and management which make up the greater portion of the entire course.

MAHSA also provides a part-time mode whereby the training period will be extended to a period of 6 years.

At the end of this programme, students would have procured for themselves the ability to carry out safe dental practice in various dental assisting tasks, from basic dental procedures to specialty areas including taking of intra-oral radiographs and providing dental-health education to communities.

Programme Structure

1 Mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) – Pengajian Malaysia 2
Basic Science 1
Dental Science 1
Academic English
Basic Science 2
Dental Science 2
Clinical Science 1
Behavioural Science
Clinical Practice & Management 1
Mata Pelajaran Wajib – Creative & Critical Thinking
Clinical Practice & Management 2
2 Mata Pelajaran Wajib – Time Management
Clinical Science 2
Clinical Science 3
Clinical Practice & Management 3
Clinical Science 4
Clinical Practice & Management 4
Clinical Practice & Management 5
3 Mata Pelajaran Wajib – Co-Curricular Project
Clinical Science 5
Clinical Practice & Management 6
Clinical Practice & Management 7
Clinical Science 6
Clinical Science 7
Clinical Practice & Management 8

Entry Requirement

Applicants can either be a fresh candidate or a current certified DSA with at least three years of working experience.

  • Fresh Candidates: SPM / ‘O’ Level or its equivalent with 5 Credits: Mathematic (Elementary/Modern/ Additional) and any one Science subjects: General Science/Applied Science or Biology or Chemistry or Physics and 3 other subjects (Malaysian Candidates)

  • Those who already possess a Certificate in Dental Surgery Assistant will be given certain waivers. Their training period can be shortened by one year.

Career Prospects

  • Employment opportunities as Dental

  • Surgery Assistants can be found in both Public and Private sectors that include:

    • Government Health Services

    • Dental Faculties in both Public and

    • Private Universities