MAHSA’s Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a 4-year specialized undergraduate programme that will prepare students for a wide range of careers in Electrical and Electronics, one of the major platforms of the world’s biggest industries.

Students will learn about electronic components and electrical systems, communications systems and networks, power electronics, physical electronics, electrical science, engineering mathematics, computer and digital logic, circuit theory, circuit analysis and design, integrated circuit design, embedded systems, electric drive and electric power systems, digital electronics, microwave design, and radio frequency.

When they have finished the programme, students will have empowered themselves with the knowledge to succeed in an engineering career in any activity, including software development, project management, consultancy and programming, in any industry in the country or internationally.

Programme Structure

1 Engineering Mathematics 1 BSM 1013
Introduction To C Programming BEE 1013
Electrical And Electronic Engineering Principles BEE 1023
Electrical And Electronic Engineering Lab BEE 1031
Engineering Materials BEE 1043
Engineering Workshop And Materials Lab BEE 1051
Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (Local) / Malaysian Studies (International) MPU 3123/MPU 3173
2 Engineering Mathematics 2 BSM 1023
Circuit Analysis BEE 1063
Intrumentation And Measurement BEE 1073
Engineering Software And Applications BEE 1081
Electronic Devices And Circuits BEE 1093
Electronic Devices And Circuits Lab BEE 1101
Hubungan Etnik (Local) / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 (International) MPU 3113/MPU 3143
3 Engineering Mathematics 3 BSM 2013
Analogue Electronics BEE 2013
Analogue Electronics Lab BEE 2021
Computer Architecture BEE 2033
Electrical Machines & Power System BEE 2043
Electrical Machines Lab BEE 2051
Entrepreneurship MPU 3243
4 Numerical And Statistical Techniques BSM 2023
Digital Electronics BEE 2063
Digital Electronics Lab BEE 2071
Electromagnetic Field Theory BEE 2083
Generation, Transmission And Distribution Of Electrical Power BEE 2093
Utilization Of Electrical Energy BEE 2103
Youth Development MPU 3342
5 Microprocessor And Microcontrollers BEE 3013
Microprocessor And Microcontroller Lab BEE3021
Multimedia Applications BEE 3033
Power Electronics & Drives BEE 3043
Power Electronics & Drives Lab BEE 3051
Introduction To Management BEE 3063
Community Work 2 MPU 3342
6 Power System Analysis BEE 3073
Digital Signal & Image Processing BEE 3083
Control Engineering BEE 3093
Communication Engineering Systems BEE 3103
Engineer & Society BEE 3113
Creativity And Innovation BEE 3123
7 Thesis 1 BEE 4012
Capstone Design Project BEE 4023
Engineering Project Management BEE 4033
Elective 1 BEE 4XXX
Elective 2 BEE 4XXX
Elective 3 BEE 4XXX
8 Thesis 2 BEE 4044
Environmental Safety And Health BEE 4053
Elective 4 BEE 4XXX
Elective 5 BEE 4XXX
Elective 6 BEE 4XXX
AC Machines BEE 4063
Signal & Linear System BEE 4073
Analogue Integrated Circuits and Systems BEE 4083
VLSI Design BEE 4093
High Voltage Engineering BEE 4103
Embedded Systems BEE 4113
Pattern Recognition & Neural Networks BEE 4123
ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION Analogue Communication BEE 4293
Digital Communication BEE 4303
Antenna Propagation BEE 4313
Data Communication and Network BEE 4323
Optical Communication and Networks BEE 4333
Microwave and RF communication BEE 4343
Embeded Systems BEE 4353
Satellite and Mobile Communication BEE 4363
MECHATRONICS Mechanical Design BEE 4213
Statics & Dynamics BEE 4223
Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer BEE 4233
Intermediate Robotics BEE 4243
Fluids Mechanics BEE 4253
Solid mechanics BEE 4263
Mechatronics system design BEE 4273
Advance Robotics BEE 4283
MEDICAL ELECTRONICS Human Anatomy Physiology BEE 4133
Bio-chemistry BEE 4143
Medical Instrumentation BEE 4153
Diagnostic & Therapaetic Equipment 1 BEE 4163
Artificial organs & medical optics BEE 4173
Radiological Equipment BEE 4183
Assist devices BEE 4193
Diagnostic & Theraupatic Equipment 2 BEE 4203

Entry Requirement


Pass STPM or equivalent with minimum Grade C (GPA 2.00) in Mathematic and 1 other Science subject


Minimum Grade B in 5 subjects (Mathematics & Physical Science & 3 other subjects)

Diploma in Engineering or Engineering Technology or equivalent with minimum CGPA 2.00

Vocational or Technical Diploma in a related field with minimum CGPA 2.00

Malaysian University English Test (MUET): Band 2

International candidates: IELTS (5.0)/TOEFL (500) or equivalent


Career Opportunities

  • Aerospace engineer

  • Broadcast engineer

  • Control and instrumentation engineer

  • Electrical engineer

  • Electronics engineer

  • Network engineer

  • Nuclear engineer

  • Systems analyst


The Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is approved by the Engineering Accreditation Council Malaysia (EAC) and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).
The Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is very affordable and there are education loans available for students who wish to further seek out additional financial assistance.
The Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a 4 year degree, in line with the requirements of the Engineering Accreditation Council Malaysia (EAC) and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).
Awarded by
MAHSA University
The Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is awarded by MAHSA University, a recognized university in the region