MAHSA University’s Diploma in Physiotherapy is a 3-year programme for students who have emerged successfully from SPM or its equivalent, and are committed to a future as physiotherapists intent on alleviating physical disabilities and improving the physical human condition.

Students learn to manage and avert the problems that affect the physical functioning of the human body, and to maximize the physical body's movement and agility, with the primary objective of enabling patients to achieve optimal and maximum independence in movement and function. Students learn proven techniques that help manage disorders of the human body for people of all ages.

Students also learn how to provide treatment and care while rehabilitating patients with physical and psychological deficiencies. They will also study subjects such as general anatomy, general physiology, psychology, exercise therapy, pathology, pharmacology, electrotherapy, orthopaedics, biomechanics, and also the communication skills that will enable them to adequately and effectively interact with and counsel their patients.

Programme Structure

1 1 Anatomy & Physiology I PTAN 4112
2 Applied Anatomy PTAP 4114
3 Kinesiology I PTKI 4112
4 Behavioural Science I PTBS 4112
5 Introduction To Health Care System I PTHS 4112
6 Integrated Language Skills ENG 4112
7 U1 – Communication In Bahasa Malaysia (For International Students) MPU 2133
8 U1 – Pengajian Malaysia (For Local Students) MPU 2163
9 2 Anatomy & Physiology II PTAN 4123
10 Kinesiology II PTKI 4122
11 Behavioural Science II PTBS 4122
12 Movement Therapy PTMT 4123
13 Electrotherapy I PTEL 4122
14 English For Academic Writing ENG 4122
15 Introduction To Information Technology MPU 2223
16 3 Musculoskeletal I PTMS 4214
17 Cardiorespiratory I PTCR 4213
18 Neurology I PTNE 4212
19 Electrotherapy II PTEL 4212
20 Physiotherapy Skills PTPS 4212
21 Elective Placement PTEP 4212
22 U3 – Pembentukan Keluaga Bahagia (Forming Family Happiness) MPU 2312
23 4 Musculoskeletal II PTMS 4224
24 Cardiorespiratory II PTCR 4223
25 Neurology II PTNE 4222
26 Essentials Of Clinical Practice PTEP 4222
27 Clinical Practice 1 PTCL 4228
28 5 Neurology III PTNE 4312
29 Pediatrics PTPE 4312
30 Women’s Health PTWH 4312
31 Introduction To Health Care System II PTHS 4312
32 U4 – Community Service MPU 2412
33 Clinical Practice II PTCL 4318
34 6 Sports, Wellness And Fitness PTSP 4323
35 Geriatrics PTGE 4322
36 Clinical Practice III PTCL 43212

Entry Requirement

SPM or equivalent with 5 credits in the following subjects:

Bahasa Malaysia
1 Science subject
(Biology/Physics/Chemistry/General Science/Applied Science)
Any other 1 subject

GCE/O Level or equivalent with 5 Grade C in the following subjects:

1 Science subject
(Biology/Physics/Chemistry/General Science/Applied Science)
Any other 2 subjects

Certificate related to Health Sciences with minimum CGPA 2.75

Other equivalent qualification


Career Opportunities

  • Physiotherapy clinics and multidisciplinary clinics (for example, chiropractic clinics)

  • Child development centres

  • Community health centres

  • Fitness centres

  • Sport and recreation facilities

  • Home care and continuing care facilities

  • Hospitals and rehabilitation centres


The Diploma in Physiotherapy is designed in consultation with a panel of local and international experts, resulting in a highly sought after curriculum that combines theoretical learning and practical sessions in physiotherapy clinics and hospitals.
Clinical Exposure
Students of the Diploma in Physiotherapy gain experience in our rather exhaustive list of panel of hospitals throughout Malaysia
Tuition fees for the Diploma in Physiotherapy are kept at an affordable level, to ensure there are little barriers to a good quality education.
The Diploma in Physiotherapy is approved by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia and recognized by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.
Awarded by
MAHSA University
The Diploma in Physiotherapy is awarded by MAHSA University, a leader in Medical and Health Science Education in Malaysia