MAHSA University’s Foundation in Business is a comprehensive course that prepares the young entrepreneur for direct entry into our business-related diploma and undergraduate degree programmes such as Accounting, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship, and other similar courses in other institutions of higher learning in the country and abroad.

If you have just completed your O Levels, SPM or its equivalent, and you are imagining a bright future with a long and lucrative career in business churning in unlimited amounts of money, and if you do not want to waste your time following the conventional route, then this is the course for you.

This foundation course is ideal for young minds who are contemplating a satisfying and financially rewarding future in business, but prefer an alternative route to higher education over the prolonged A Level studies or its equivalent. On a broader spectrum, this course will be a bridge between secondary school education and university-style academics, helping students transition from traditionally aided learning to independent thinking and questioning. Specifically, the Foundation in Business will lead students into the exploration of business principles and practices, and teach them to think and learn independently.

The course is directed at developing thinking skills with which to undertake degree-level studies while generating business acumen in the young individual’s mind. Students learn first-hand from experienced business teachers, and get to actively participate in business scenarios and make hypothetical business decisions. At the end of the course, each student will be ready to delve completely into our diploma and degree programmes, or any similar programme in any institution of higher learning, with the level of confidence characteristic of any capable undergraduate student and future successful entrepreneur.

What is remarkable about our Foundation of Business is that it is a part of a traditionally science-based learning institution, which means that we will provide insights that most business colleges cannot claim to have. You, future successful entrepreneur, will be mingling with future doctors, future engineers, future dentists and other scientifically-minded people. In this way, your experiences and your thinking will be deeply enriched and enhanced, paving the way for a superior and exciting educational journey. Because after all, a successful life should be an exhilarating journey, and not merely a pre-set destination.

Programme Structure

1 Essentials of Modern Age Digital Skills DAL3123
Communicative English ENG3123
Qualitative & Creative Thinking CIT3123
Business Mathematics MTS3134
Ethos of Life for Self and Society MCV3123
Mental Health 1 MHC3123
2 Microeconomics ECO3113
Business Statistics MTS3144
Accounting 1 ACC3113
Introduction to Business MGT3113
Basic Marketing MKT3113
3 Accounting 2 ACC3123
Entrepreneurship ENT3113
Macroeconomics ECO3123
Introduction to Finance FIN3113
Basic Management MGT3123

Entry Requirement


Pass with 5 credits in any subject

Unified Examination Certificate (UEC):

Min. B in 4 subjects

Other equivalent qualifications

Pathway Opportunities

Upon completion, you may further into undergraduate degree courses listed below:-

  • Business Administration

  • Accounting

  • Islamic Finance

  • Oil and Gas Management

  • Arts (Partner)

  • Music (Partner)

  • Law (Partner)

  • Economics (Partner)

or any recognised undergraduate degree courses.

Students with MAHSA Foundation certificate are eligible for INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITIES:

  • Sunderland University – United Kingdom

  • Victoria University of Wellington - New Zealand

  • University of Canterbury - New Zealand

  • Universities in New Zealand – New Zealand

*applicable for certain bachelor degree programmes only, please contact us for more information.


The Foundation in Business is designed in consultation with university partners, intentionally intended to be both challenging and intensive, providing students with the knowledge and skills highly desirable by universities all over the world.
Early Interactions
Students studying in Foundation in Business are given opportunities to interact and engage with lecturers from the faculty of Business and Finance, giving these students early insight into these disciplines.
Tuition fees for the Foundation in Business are kept at an affordable level, to ensure there are little barriers to a good quality education.
Enrolment Dates
The Foundation in Business takes students on a rolling semester basis, allowing for greater flexibility.
to Degree
Students of the Foundation in Business are given automatic conditional offers to any MAHSA undergraduate business and finance degree programme. This is a definite advantage over other pre-university programmes and the offer is valid as long as the student fulfills the academic requirements needed to progress to the undergraduate degree of choice.
Awarded by
MAHSA University
The Foundation in Business is awarded by MAHSA University