This is the first step towards an English language teaching career. The Diploma in Education TESL is a course specifically designed for those who are interested in teaching English as a second language. The Programme aims at producing competent graduates with professional knowledge and excellent teaching skills in the field of TESL. The Diploma combines assessed teaching practice with academic study into aspects of language teaching and learning such as ELT methodology, use of technologies, materials, language analysis and second language acquisition. As a result, our graduates become effective communicators in the English Language with knowledge of contextual and global challenges in TESL, well-equipped with skills in pedagogy and ICT and can carry out research as a life- long learning process. Also, by using a combination of learning methods and assessments such as experimental teaching sessions, seminars, and peer language teaching observations, students will find meaningful ways to teach.

With English spoken by some 1.75 billion people worldwide, the need for teachers with high quality and recognized English language teaching qualifications has never been greater. If you are passionate about teaching English, The Diploma in Education TESL at MAHSA University offers you the opportunity for a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Programme Structure

Y1 S1 TESL 11 Grammar 1 3
TESL 12 Listening and Speaking Skills 3
TESL 13 Introduction to Language Learning Theories 3
TESL 14 Foundation of Educational Philosophy 3
MPU 2163 / MPU 2133 Pengajian Malaysia 2 / Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 1 3
Y1 S2 TESL 21 Foundation of Educational Psychology 3
TESL 22 Reading and Writing Skills 1 3
TESL 23 Critical Thinking in Communication 3
TESL 24 Introduction to Linguistics 3
MPU 2222 Creative and Critical Thinking 2
Y1 S3 TESL 31 Reading and Writing Skills 2 3
TESL 32 Grammar 2 3
TESL 33 Introduction to Applied Linguistics 3
Y2 S4 TESL 41 Basics of ESL Methodology 3
MPU 2312 Time Management 2
TESL 42 Teaching of Writing 3
TESL 43 Teaching of Listening and Speaking 3
ELEC 201 Public Speaking 3
ELEC 202 English For Employment 3
ELEC 203 Introduction to Sociolinguistics 3
Y2 S5 TESL 51 Development of ESL Materials 3
TESL 52 ESL Assessment and Testing 1 (LS/SP) 3
TESL 53 Basics of Curriculum Design 3
TESL 54 Teaching of Reading 3
ELE 4213 Public Speaking 3
ELE 4223 English For Employment 3
ELE 4233 Introduction to Sociolinguistics 3
Y2 S6 TESL 61 Assessment and Testing in ESL 2 (R/W) 3
TESL 62 Literature in the ESL Classroom 3
TESL 63 Teaching of Grammar 3
Y3 S7 TESL 71 Lesson Planning for ESL 3
TESL 72 Micro Teaching 4
TESL 73 Classroom Management 3
MPU 2412 Co-Curricular Project 2
Y3 S8 TESL 81 Teaching Practicum 6

Entry Requirement

SPM : Pass with 3 credits in any subjects

O Level : Pass O Level with grade C in 3 subjects

Certificate : Pass Certificate (Level 3) with CGPA 2.0 in a relevant field

STPM: Pass STPM with min GPA 2.00 / Grade C

STAM : STAM with min grade MAQBUL

Pass with grade B in 3 subjects including english

IELTS: 5.0

Career Opportunity

Individuals who graduate in the Education/TESL field, may work as:

  • School teachers

  • Writers/Authors

  • Copywriters

  • Researchers

  • Communication Executives

  • Lecturers

  • Trainers


The Diploma in Education TESL aspires to produce English Language teachers who are equipped with professional knowledge and excellent teaching skills in the field of TESL to meet the future needs and challenges in the teaching of English. The courses are taught by highly competent, qualified and dedicated lecturers.
Tuition fees for the Diploma in Education programme are kept at an affordable level, to ensure that the programme is made accessible to all those interested in pursuing a good quality education.
The The Diploma in Education TESL has attained the provisional accreditation by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.