MAHSA University offers Bachelor of Science Biotechnology (Hons) which is a 3-year programme for the aspirants willing for a great career in Biotechnology in the areas of industry, medicine and environmental research.

During the programme, students will gain knowledge on biology, chemistry, bioprocess engineering, plant and animal biotechnology, statistics, genetics, genetic engineering, immunology, cellular and molecular biology, Recombinant DNA technology etc.

Students graduating with a Bachelor of Science Biotechnology (Hons) from MAHSA University can direct themselves towards career opportunities like academician, scientists, expert in industries, quality analyst, product specialist, entrepreneur and so on in biotechnology and allied fields.

Essentially, students graduating from MAHSA University can fulfil the requirements expected by biotechnology and its associated industries.

Programme Structure

1 Basic Chemistry BTBC-4113
Biostatistics for Biotechnologist BTBB-4113
Biophysics and Instrumentation BTBI-4113
English for Academic Purpose ENG 6112/ BMU 114
Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia (TITAS) MPU3123/ BMU 115
Malaysian Studies for International Students MPU3173/ BMU 115
Introduction to Biotechnology BTIB-4113
Developmental Biology BTDB-4113
2 Cell Structure and Dynamics BTCD-4123
Genetics BTGE-4123
Basic Microbiology BTBM-4123
English for Academic Writing ENG6212/ BMU126
Hubungan Ethnik MPU3113/ BMU116
Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi 2 for International Students MPU3213/ BMU116
Bioprocessing BTBP-4123
Cell and Tissue Culture BTCT-4123
3 Plant Biotechnology BTPB-5213
Biochemistry BTMB-5213
Genomics and Proteomics BTGP-5213
Animal Breeding BTAB-5213
Youth Development MPU 3423/ BMU 417
Microbial Biotechnology BTMB-5213
4 Molecular Diagnosis BTMD-5223
Bio Techniques BTBT-5223
Immunology & Immunotechnology BTII-5223
Research Methodology BTRM-5222
Molecular Biology BTMB-5223
IPR, Biosafety and Bio-Ethics BTIP-5223
SS Industrial Training BTIT-5236
5 Entrepreneurship Development (MPU 2) MPU3243/ BMU415
Nano Biotechnology/Drug Delivery BTNB-6313
Recombinant DNA Technology BTRD-6313
Research Project I BTRP-6314
6 Bioinformatics for Biologist BTBB-6323
Personal & Professional Development BMC 423
Research Project II BTRP-6326
Community Service MPU3312/ BMU417
Elective IV
Elective V

Specialized Elective Papers

Medical Biotechnology Elective – I/ Elective – II Human Anatomy and Physiology BEAP-5203
Human Molecular Genetics BEHG-5203
Self-Study and Review in Medical Biotechnology BESM-5203
Elective III/ Elective IV/ Elective V Molecular Therapeutics BEMT-6304
Applications and Advancements of Medical Biotechnology BEAA- 6304
Stem Cell Technology BEST-6304
Recent Topics in Medical Biotechnology BEMB- 6304
Agricultural Biotechnology Elective – I/ Elective – II Plant Tissue Culture Techniques BEPT-5203
Plant Molecular Biology and Plant Genetic Engineering BEPM-5203
Self-Study and Review in Agricultural Biotechnology BESP-5203
Elective III/ Elective IV/ Elective V Advancements in Plant Biotechnology BEAP-6304
Bio Fertilizers and Bio Pesticides BEBB-6304
Genetically Modified Plants BEGP-6304
Recent Topics in Agricultural Biotechnology BEPB-6304
Animal Biotechnology Elective – I/ Elective – II Animal Tissue Culture Technology BEAT-5203
Animal Genetic Engineering BEAG-5203
Self-Study and Review in Animal Biotechnology BESA-5203
Elective III/ Elective IV/ Elective V Advancements in Animal Biotechnology BEAB-6304
Aquatic Biotechnology BEAB-6304
Genetically Modified Animals BEGA-6304
Recent Topics in Animal Biotechnology BEAB-6304
Industrial Biotechnology Elective – I/ Elective – II * Bioprocess & Biochemical Engineering BEBB-5203
Food Processing and Preservation BEFP-5203
Self-Study and Review in Industrial Biotechnology BESI-5203
Elective III/ Elective IV/ Elective V Pharmaceutical Biotechnology BEPB-6304
Enzymology and Enzyme Technology BEEE-6304
Beverages and Alcohols BEBE-6304
Recent Topics in Industrial Biotechnology BEIB-6304
Environmental Biotechnology Elective – I/ Elective – II * Biodegradation and Bioremediation BEBI-5203
Biomass and Bio Products BEBM-5203
Self-Study and Review in Environmental Biotechnology BESE-5203
Elective III/ Elective IV/ Elective V Advancements in Environmental Biotechnology BEAE-6304
Molecular Ecology BEME-6304
Bio-energy and Biotransformation BEBB-6304
Recent Topics in Environmental Biotechnology BEEB-6304

Entry Requirement

Pass STPM with a minimum of Grade C (GPA 2.00) in any two (2) subjects, or its equivalent; and possess SPM with three (3) credits in Mathematics, one science subject and one any other subject, or its equivalent.

International students are required to achieve a minimum score of 5.0 in IELTS OR Band 3 in MUET OR its equivalent.

i. MQF Level Entry Requirement English Competency Requirement (International Student) OR

ii. Pass STAM with a minimum grade of Jayyid, or its equivalent; and possess SPM with three (3) credits in Mathematics, one science subject and one any other subject, or its equivalent; OR

iii. Matriculation/Foundation with a minimum CGPA of 2.00, or its equivalent, and possess SPM with three (3) credits in Mathematics, one science subject and one any other subject, or its equivalent; OR

iv. A Diploma (Level 4, MQF) in a related field with a minimum CGPA of 2.00, or its equivalent. Note: The credit requirement at SPM level for candidate in categories (i), (ii) and (iii) can be waived should the grades obtained at the STPM / STAM / Diploma / Matriculation / Foundation level are equivalent/higher.

Career Opportunities

  • Research & Development, Manufacturing & Services, Quality and Regulatory Affairs jobs as follows

  • Bioinformatics/ Product specialist

  • Clinical Research Associate

  • Medical coding

  • Forensic Scientist

  • Greenhouse and field expert

  • Instrumentation maintenance /calibration technician

  • Laboratory assistant

  • Laboratory automation specialist

  • Laboratory support worker

  • Pharma Manufacturing assistant / technician

  • Documentation coordinator

  • Patent filing executive

  • Health and safety specialist

  • Quality assurance specialist

  • Laboratory technician

  • Research associate